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It's time

Time has come, I am leaving UAE.
Also leaving the DESERT GANG, the Fridays in our sandpit, the meetings, "winding each other up"s, the great stories behind...
Not as easy as I thought...must means that I am leaving not only kiting buddies here but FRIENDS.........

Decision has been made, time has come, it's time to move.
Although I won't come on Fridays, will be less screaming in the air, will be less lines to go through, maybe you will find more room around your buggies to ride without watching who's coming behind in reverse, blablabla, but I'll be watching you guys in the hope that once I'll come back for some fun in the dunes and catch up with my friends of Desert Gang.

I'll try to keep my BLOG updated writing about new experiences on European terrain which will be much different but I'll try my best to find the best bits of having fun.
I have been accepted as a member of this bunch of crazy, lovely people, I have learnt here a lot, I got lots of help from all of you, which I can't thank enough, but I give it a go:

I hope I will hear from you (on this blog, in the usual emails, facetube, where-ever...), and do hope you all accept my invitation to Hungary. Let me know if you're nearby, or knock on my door, with or without your kites...any time

Take care DesertGang,
Merry Christmas,
have a great windy new year,

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