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Giorgio's Shamal on vid

Just finished editing some vid. that Brig shot on 15 May of Giorgio & me blatting through the sands.

As usual, I know you’ll enjoy the music. (Nancy Ajran – Lebanese folk pop singer)
For those of you not knowing who is who, Giorgio is in the all composite buggy (darker coloured buggy) and I’m in the Death Buggy with the white painted side rails.

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Into the Dragon's Jaws

Last Friday was like every Friday before; I get up, check the wind conditions and as usual the wind Gods tell me they will be visiting from mid-afternoon onwards.

I do chores round the house, which last Friday meant painting the main garden gate, then down to the serious business of loading car, hooking up trailer & gently driving along the familiar road to the Ghaf tree wondering if anyone would turn up on account of the weather, which was warm (upper 40's). I was nevertheless eager to roll around the desert in my buggy.

Bolts, Dubai_ Red_ Dragon & FluffyWOO were already at the ghaf tree & the wind was halfway decent allowing me to lay out my trusty 4.9m Blade after donning armour like a medieval knight preparing for battle. You know the feeling like you are going to rescue maidens in distress from fiery dragons.
Seems FluffyWOO was more in the mood to go for a ride with Brig in her Razor than jump in her warm buggy.
I wasn't too sure about the wind as the forecast indicated it would drop off later, so my 6.5m Blade was also packed in the Razor. This turned out to be a wise decision because later it was needed.
I decided to buggy along the edge of the Half Pipe and then zip up the SNTTA dune (577 feet above sea level) as a sort of climax after a long run just past the Buggydrome.

The reason I thought I'd post this story is that FluffyWOO had got trigger happy with the camera & shot about 90 pics that I want to share with you here. Well! be thankful, not all of them.
I have posted buggying pics running the dunes in the past and don't really want to bore you too much with similar pics that are possibly becoming old hat to many of your good-selves.
It's not all big sandy dunes and it's a pleasure to run over some flat stuff from time to time that I find very relaxing:
The view from my buggy seat sat almost on the floor is very limited when running the dunes & even the smallest of dunes give no indication of what is lurking on the other side:

The larger ones look more ominous but actually are easier because you can anticipate that there will be a big drop on the other side where there is time to think about what to do.

Imagine you come over a dune ridge & suddenly see that you are about to be blown into the jaws of a dragon. Just look at these hard sandstone, twisted shapes poking out of the desert sands.
These are the dragon's teeth that are dotted all over the desert just ready to gobble you up. There's no retreat from the soft steep sandy slope with the wind dragging you like a fish caught on an angler's line toward's them.
There's not much else to do but to boldly jump into the Dragon's jaws and dodge his sharp teeth. The summer heat as I sweated under my armour was as good as it gets to a fiery dragon's breath.
I managed to escape the dragon's jaws unscathed and of course ready to fight another day.

Should I continue looking for maiden's in distress that need to be rescued from dragons?
I wonder!

Words: SandYeti
Pictures: FluffyWoo

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