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Halfpipe - I did it!!!

HalfPipe - Trailer from AllWindDrive on Vimeo.

Brig, DesertFox, SandYeti, SirBolts
Alice Russel - Crazy

Click on the image to see the route (downloaded from my GPS) in BIG.

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Sir Bolt - New Brand :-]

Hey Bolts

Found you someone who is representing your name...cute!

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Ghaf Tree Vandalism

Posted by Picasa
Hi you all,
Today, I went out to the Ghaf tree expecting 14 knots but Windfinder seriously lied. It was closer to 4 knots. Arriving at the Ghaf tree I was shocked or rather angry at branches that had been hacked off of it. A lot of the branches were on the ground around the tree but I cleared those up into a heap as you can see in the pics.We quizzed the camel herders why someone would do it and they pointed further in the direction of the Buggydrome and said the people that did it have no brains.They too were obviously annoyed by this pointless act and told the people that were hacking at the tree to stop.

I think I know the people that did it. They are in a camel farm about another 3 or 4 kms further along.

It was sad to see the branches on the floor along with bird nests that they cut down with the branches.
To add mot misery already on the abhorrent act, the wind was awful.
My top speed for you record Wendy was only 39.8 kph. In the whole of last year I only had one session that was below 40 kph and that was on 17 October 2008.

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SkyCar - Next generation buggies?

Check out slideshow:

Please note: the video repeats itself and has no sound for the first 50 secs...enjoy

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Dear All,
let me introduce you the new homepage of the hungarian buggiers.

It's brand new design also with english version, so feel free to comment.
You'll find some familiar pictures there too.

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Blogger Maintenance

The blog site is going through various changes, with new gadgets and gizmos added to the site. I'm planning to give the blog site a new skin, but its going through a trial and error phase at the moment and it would be great to have any feedback or suggestions for the site.

I've just added a shouter box widget which will allow you to write instant messages on the site, and just like MSN messenger, if anyone else is online you can message them right away...enjoy...and hope to catch you on here :-]

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Great action shots

Thought I would set up an area for great action shots. Please feel free to add to this area with your best action shots or footage...

Photos where taken by Sir Bolts...

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Ghaf Tree - 9th Jan 2009

The winds didnt show today but we staill managed to get some time in....FluffyWOO, Francesco and myself set up, Bolts and fox decided just to play in the dunes on their MotoX Bikes. One absentee was Sany-Yeti, rumour is that he didnt want any fuss made of his 65th birthday. We ended up eating the cake and drinking the wine without would have been wrong not to drink it!!!

We have some pictures of the day, myself anf Francesco just cruising with our stunt woman FluffyWOO trying free style again. Considering the rest of us just cruise, she really is trying to get the advantage over us guys!!

We were also joined by Ashi, our friendly Camel farmer, I dont know what Fluffywoo was doing but the camel didnt look too pleased!!..Well there is always next week to wish for the wind.....DRD

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Personal Best Leaderboard

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January Speed Records

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Happy Birthday Sand Yeti!

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The Best of 2008...

The highlights of 2008

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Last New Year Holiday Run

What great winds we had today for our last day of the holiday season and a new start to 2009! Bring on more winds like this, we buggied from around 12 noon to sun down....

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