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Halfpipe - the final cut

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Few weeks back I registered to my favourite kite manufacturer's forum, to the
After the usual hello, I asked whether they come to Oman this year as they did in t
he last couple of years. The answer came immadiately from Appo as a p.m...they was going to come. After a few emails I was informed on their schedule, accomodation and ordered a pair of handles from the UK (thanks Appo, Yousef, Chris).

The last weekend of January, straight from work Angelo and me were o
ff to Oman. Having a sleep in the Al Sawadi Beach Resort, after the breakfast we were on our way to 'Seeb Beach in Muscat. As the guide I had not have a clue where this was and as a result of the kind but useless arabic guidance after a few circles we arrived. 
Yeehaaa, I thought it was time to see some real take off actions what the Ozone UK Team was going to present for us.
Unfortunately the WindGod didn't want the same. The day started with around 4-5knots in which the guys tried to keep the new Flows, IMPs in the air.
We had a bit of chat, as being part of the big worldwide kite-family we had common topics, altough we were almost complete strangers.
For me it was great to meet "kiting celebrities", have a look on the never-released Stealth buggy, etc, etc.

Angelo didn't come just to look around and watch people using their kit, so went and set up his low-wind toys. He had fun with them, made me laugh how much he enjoyed himself. So did the others with the small, light kites and also with Angelo's trick kites. It was good to see that doesn't matter how low the wind is, a real kiter can have fun, can fly anything.

As the time passed the wind picked up to the mighty hights of 7-8knots, so the big depowers came out for a bit of buggy moves. Well, it was still not what I wanted but saw some slow-motion 2-wheelies, and some ramp-take offs with 180 rotation. Was great to
 see the Stealth in action tough.

In the late afternoon the wind strengthened even better (9-10 mighty knots!), so the old and new water-kites were pumped up. The guys did a few downwind(ish) runs also did few small jumps (rotations, grabs...) while I was heading where the most people/4x4's went.

These omani youngs created a huge crescent on the wet beach and m
ade endless dounuts with 4x4's (in rwd drive mode, of course) reving in first gear...It wasn't a drift event but was an experience :).
Behind the crying vehicles the kites painted a nice background to the end of the day. Niiiiice!

It was great to meet this team, altough the wind...what wind?!?!

Maybe next time we'll meet at our playground in the desert of UAE...

Appo, Butch, Candice, Chris, Phat Dan, Sean

Filming & editing

Balkan Beat Box - Habibi Min Zaman

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